ERP service models

Below are the offered Unisis ERP service models:


On-premise ERP software means that the company purchases the Unisis ERP and installs it in its own servers. The company has to further invest in ERP tools, add-ons, long-term and short-term server maintenance. On-premise software gives the leverage of customizing the software as per the typical needs of an organization.

  • Your business data is secured within your company-owned servers
  • Your data is secured as you don’t have to worry about data security threats and data leaks
  • You save significant cost as you don’t have to invest in data security software and manpower to handle the same

In hosted ERP model, you own the software but not the server. You rather use third party servers by paying a monthly fee. All your data is located in these third-party secured servers. Data back-up, data security and server maintenance is taken care by the vendor itself. In hosted services, Unisis ERP is accessed through virtual private network or through internet.

  • Vendors make sure that your data is secured, with a balanced architecture and an up-time guarantee.
  • Vendors ensure that your software is easily accessible to your employees
  • Vendors have sufficient experience in the industry to keep your software up and running
  • Your in-house team is relieved of maintenance