ERP Generic Features

Generic Features
Multi Company Structure

This feature helps organizations having multiple subsidiary companies across the country or globe to centrally manage their Accounting and consolidation processes.

Multi Branches

This feature enable organizations to opt for centralised or decentralized accounting processes with further options for centralized cash management etc as per company policy.

User Access Controls

The user access controls in the system is done in a multi layered way that ensure user access controls even at data level and this can be further controlled at functional level such as create, edit, delete, view, mail and print.

Audit Log/Change History

All master data and transaction input and any subsequent changes on that are logged in the system for a detailed audit log. The revision history on each data can be viewed from the system if user has permission to view revision history.

Connectivity To Email & SMS

The systems output can be easily connected to email and sms.

Workflow Management

The business process workflow in your organization can be easily configured in the system. The features include setting up required multiple levels of approval for selected transactions, affixing digital signatures, attach reference documents, alert messages to approving authority, alert messages to the user who is further required to act in the system, facility to mark copy to other executives as the case may be etc.