UNISIS ERP FINANCIALS is an exhaustive and completely process oriented Application. This helps organizations to support their total Financial Accounting, Budgeting, Fixed Asset and Financial Reporting processes.

Accounting entries related to business transactions and payroll are fully automated and integrated to financial accounting in a very flexible manner.

Our System gives the power to:

♦  Manage daily Business Transactions Efficiently.

♦  Define the Financial Reports as per client Requirement.

♦  Calculate Depreciation at the convenience of a mouse click.

♦  Generate and Manage the Customer Outstanding according to the Ageing.

♦  Generate all the Reports related to Customers, Suppliers, and Fixed Assets.

UNISIS ERP FINANCIALS provides all the necessary functionalities to streamline your entire accounting and financial management process.

It includes different screens for recording the day to day transactions, asset management, and creation of financial reports and also, it supports transactions to be carried out in multiple currencies.