IT staffing services

Staffing Solutions or Contract Staffing implies a “co-employment” relationship where a “Firm” supplies staff to a “Company” for a specific function and particular time period, at a specified rate. In today’s competitive world staffing solutions are a boon to all the companies. As a result, it helps in increasing the staffing flexibility and also gain access to highly skilled workers. Finally, it also increases financial prosperity of the company.

In addition, Unisis helps organizations to fulfil their most noteworthy ongoing manpower requirements on long-term basis. Especially, without any additional burdens and overheads such as legal hassles, statutory compliance, on-boarding & off-boarding of employees. Furthermore, we have highly skilled professionals who can provide top quality personnel to meet corporate cost structures and project deadlines.

Staffing Process

We recruit and hire employees and assign them to businesses either to support or supplement their regular workforce. Along with this, we provide assistance in special work situations such as:

  • Employee absences
  • Skill shortages
  • Seasonal workloads
  • To perform special assignments or projects.

Unisis provides Staffing Solutions to its clients which allows them to keep their manpower on Unisis payroll. To run the operations while we take- care of all other activities such as compliance, administration & even recruitment as required. We are backed by over 10 years of experience. Unisis currently has 750+ Outsourced employees on its Payrolls who are deputed at the client offices. This allows the clients for greater flexibility as well as complete peace of Mind.