Hospital Management Solutions
Client Requirements
  • A solution for Hospital Management System
  • Complete History of Patient Illness
  • Complete History of LabTest with Images
Online LabTest & Medicines
  • Doctor can just Prescribe Lab Test and Medicines
  • The Prescribed Test are available in online for viewing by Labs and Pharma staffs enabling them to give Quick Tests & Deliveries
Proposed Solution
  • Patient Registration maintain complete patient personal details and Maintains parent details too
  • It Unique ID will be generated for each Patient for easy tracking
  • Doctor List Maintains the complete doctor personal details. It also maintains doctors specialization and skill
  • It also tracks the doctors availability
Online Appointments
  • Fix up Appointments
  • Allows to fix next Appointments too.
  • Allows to maintain various Types of Diseases .
  • Allows to include Reason for Consultancy.
  • Allows to link Disease to Patient.
  • Allows to cancel the Appointments
Reports & DashBoard
  • The reports are extensive and can be Configured to get the desired data from any Where and at anytime.
  • The built in security and dual level Authentication ensures data protection and Confidentiality.
  • The data access even within the hospital Is highly secured and requires clear Authentications for access to crucial Information.
  • The dash board provides a snap shot of critical Information on the total operations of the Hospitals and its various departments.

E-Pen is a pen like device, which helps us to maintain our natural writing in this digital world. The E-Pen system captures handwriting and converts it into digital ink. Then it can be sent as an email, fax or save it in to file/database. Everything written or drawn on paper will be captured automatically on the PC.

The E-Pen works under infrared technology and ultrasonic technology. It consists of wireless digital pen and a receiver. When the pen is used to write or draw, the red LED on the receiver goes out indicating that the receiver is receiving a signal from the E-Pen.When the tip of the pen touches the paper the receiver senses the position of the pen. The wireless pen holds a battery in its head, which helps it in sending continuous signals to the receiver.

In healthcare software, doctors use the keyboard and mouse to maintain electronic medical records. But these records usually do not record the identity of the doctor, a practice that has the potential for confusion in the future. To avoid misinterpretations, medical records doctors need to be maintained along with identity of the doctor making the entry. The support for E-pen in our HMS applications help doctors in electronic maintenance of handwritten medical record and also ensure that correct medication reaches the patient.

In HMS, the areas where doctors interact with our application are Consultation and prescription. If a doctor writes a prescription in usual way on a paper, the handwriting is captured and is displayed on the screen. He can save and retrieve it from the database along with other details of the patient.

  • Increase Patient Safety and Reduce Phrarmacy Callbacks
  • Suggested alternatives (generics) provide patients optional cost-saving
  • Increases patient safety by initializing a drug utilization review
  • Quick prescription refill processing
  • Provides clinical decision support
  • Enhance patient prescription communication with pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)
  • Increases prescription accuracy
  • Editable and printable detailed patient education information available
  • Color-coded patient drug history maintains current (both internal and external), expired, ineffective, discontinued, and sample prescriptions
Medical Record Tracking
  • Complete History – Present Illness (Blood group, BP etc)al details such as Diabetes, High / Low BP, etc of family members.
  • Tracks the previous consultancy details such as Name of the doctor, date of consultation, etc.
  • Allows to take Comparison Charts.

  • Progress or Current status of the Patients Disease (i.e. is it improving, is the patient follows the prescribed medicines regularly, etc).
  • Medicines prescribed / adviced to patient can be recorded in the system.

  • Doctors can take graphs from system.

  • Parameters will be set where doctor should input the values for each case, based on the value available and system will generate the graphs.
Key Features Of The Application

Hospital Management System maintains all the patient and family records and It allows Easy/Quick search of the old record, various search options: DOB, Name, Family Name. Hospital Management System maintain Status Comparisons also. Dashboard will display appointment details for today, tomorrow, next week and Next Month.

Helps to make Quick analysis and decision avoids human error.It highly secured. key information on your desk. user friendly syskey information on your desk. user friendly system, helps to manage patients in a better way. It helps to make Quick analysis and decision.